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1 Dance Class (1hr or 45mins)
$90.00 per month
2 Dance Classes (1 hr or 45 mins)
$150.00 per month (SAVE $30.00)
3 Dance Classes(1 hr or 45 mins)
$215.00 per month (SAVE $55.00)
4 Dance Classes (1 hr or 45 mins)
$275.00 per month (SAVE $85.00)
5 Dance Classes (1 hr or 45 mins)
$335.00 per month (SAVE $115.00)
Unlimited Dance Classes
$400.00 per month
1 Dance Class (30 mins)
$75.00 per month
2 Dance Classes (30 mins)
$130 per month (SAVE $20)
3 Dance Classes (30 mins)
$190 per month (SAVE $30)
College Student Discount
$75.00 per month (SAVE $15)
Annual Fee New Students
$45.00 per person
Annual Fee Returning Students
$35.00 per person
 Drop In Rate
   $20.00 per person
Private Lessons
    $100.00 per person/ hr (Package deals & discounts inquire within)
Group/ Party/ Events ***Please call for pricing***


~Tuition Policy~
~ Tuition is always due by the 1st of each month from October 1, 2018- September 30, 2019. You will receive a receipt and invoice via-email once payment has cleared. This takes 3-5 business days.
~ We currently accept payments in direct deposit only (There is a $2.00 fee for each class enrolled). If direct deposit is declined a $25.00 fee will be charged and added to your tuition. If your card is compromised, stolen or expired please notify use immediately  before the 1st. If you change cards more then twice in one dance season you will be charged a $10.00 changing fee.
~Full tuition is due for all months regardless of holiday's or missed classes
~ Tuition will prorated only if you're a new dancer entering a class after the month has begun.
~Late Fee Policy~
~ There will be a $25 late fee assessed if not paid by the 1st. After the 3rd the student will be ask to sit out if payment is not paid in full. By the 30th day if payment in full has not been made you will be ask to drop the class and pay the full payment for the month. Legal action may be taken if not paid.
~Drop / Withdraw Policy~
~ Should you decide to drop out during the dance studio year October 1, 2018-September 30, 2019  you must sign a "Drop / Withdraw Class Form". Please fill form out and turn in before the 15th. Any dropped classes or withdrawals not turned in by the deadline will incur tuition or Master Class charges for the next months until form is received.

***All Forms can be found on the home page under forms (Registration and Drop/ Withdraw Forms)***

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