***No jeans, jewelry, flip flops and slip on Ballet flats allowed when dancing. Girls must have hair up in a ponytail or bun. If dancer is not in dance attire they will be asked to sit out of class that day. Please make sure to follow dress code for all classes***

Ballet: You can choose a black leotard, pink or tan tights and Ballet shoes. Hair must be worn in ponytail.

Jazz: Leggings, spandex shorts, tank top or t-shirt and Jazz shoes. Hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Hip Hop: Comfortable pants, shirt, tank top and tennis shoes. Hair pulled back in ponytail.

Contemporary: Leggings, spandex shorts, t-shirt or tank top. Shoes can be barre foot, Jazz or Modern shoes. Hair pulled back in ponytail.

Heels: Work-out clothes or anything you can move in. Wear heels to your liking or tennis shoes.

Line Country: Wear comfortable clothes. Your more than welcomed to wear cowboy boots or tennis shoes

Belly Dancing: Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in. You can bring a scarf for your waist to dance in. You can wear tennis shoes or be barefooted. You do not have to expose your stomach. We want you to feel comfortable.

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